Strategic Goals

  1. Bring KSAU-HS national and international recognition by continuously enhancing academic programs that create highly competent healthcare professionals and engaged citizens.
  2. Strengthen health sciences research and scholarly activities that are nationally relevant and internationally competitive.
  3. Create and facilitate university-wide involvement in services that promote community health and engage in social responsibility.
  4. Enhance the internal quality assurance system to ensure the sustainability of quality assurance processes and achieve the required accreditation in a timely manner.
  5. Attract, recruit, and retain highly qualified faculty and other personnel, and provide opportunities for professional enhancement.
  6. Consolidate the integrations of Medical Cities, the University, and the Research Center to reach the status of a unified health system.
  7. Fortify the financial foundation of the university.
  8. Foster administrative performance that facilitates timely decision-making and efficiency at all levels of the institution.
  9. Enrich the quality of campus life and sense of community.