Our Strategy

Mission: To be creative and innovative in achieving sustainable quality that leads to excellence and recognition of the University nationally and internationally.

Strategic Goals: The Development and Quality Management Affairs has the following strategic goals:

  • Develop, implement and maintain the strategic plan and its performance management
  • Maintain an efficient quality assurance system based on best practices and supported by information technology that enhances the University outcomes
  • Lead and achieve national and international accreditations of the University and its programs
  • Develop and maintain the University’s governance and organizational charts
  • Organize, standardize and maintain the University policies and its related procedures
  • Assure the achievement of the best practices in information technology in the University Community
  • Enhance the University’s branding nationally and internationally

Outcomes: Outcomes are intended results of the impact of the Institute during or after implementation. 

  • Creation of good partnerships with all academic and non-academic units
  • Development of inter-professional opportunities.
  • Establishment and implementation of a flexible organizational chart.
  • Coverage of a core group of faculty and staff in the University with courses and workshops in quality, accreditation, development, and planning.
  • Disseminate research in related field.
  • Creation of strong relationships with like-minded institutions and organizations.
  • Involvement in consultations at the national level and in particular with newly established Health Professions Colleges.
  • Organization of regular regional conferences and workshops in quality and planning.
  • Recognition of the University as a leading institute in Health Professions Education.