ADAA Forms

Brief about ADAA Forms:

ADAA Forms is an in house developed web based system, it is an automated tool which contains different forms. The purpose of this system is to create and maintain a database of the KSAU-HS faculty and students, this data will be later on used to fulfill the NCAAA requirements, and generate the High Education as well as AAFAQ reports. ADAA Forms system consists of three forms, the first form will contain questions concerning the faculty of the college, the second will contain questions for the program, and the third will be mainly for the University departments. The system will be opened and closed at a certain time of the academic year, decided by the DQMQ, and the forms will be filled-out by each college. It will help the University as a whole to have a reliable source of information, ensure data accuracy and consistency.

ADAA Forms consists of 3 forms:

  • ADAA Program Form: which will be filled by all colleges for each program.
  • ADAA Faculty Form: which will be filled by all colleges for each department
  • ADAA University Form: which will be filled by the DQMA


ADAA forms mission is for the University to have a wealth of information, as well as, help produce reliable and trust worthy reports.

Main Objectives:

  • Create one reliable source for KSAU-HS data.
  • Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and availability.
  • Ensure the automation of report generation and the reduction of manual work that subsequently leads the transformation of KSAU-HS into a paperless environment during data gathering and reports creation.

URL: ADAA Forms Website